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Arts Numériques: audiovisual art performances from Montréal

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Arts Numériques is a collection of multimedia audiovisual art performances by three cutting-edge installation artists from Montreal who use sound, energy and visuals to create an experience that will make you question the way you perceive and relate to the world around you.

AUTOPSY.GLASS --- MYRIAM BLEAU is an audiovisual performance that explores the sonic, visual and symbolic potential of the wine glass. Through live manipulations, sometimes delicate, sometimes violent, the performer composes a musical and luminous scene made out of resonances and debri*, ***alyzing that peculiar tension associated with anticipated destruction.



Martin Messier gives material form to the electromagnetic energy omnipresent in our environment. He becomes the operator through whom these residual electric signals are picked up by electromagnetic microphones. Using aluminum panels interconnected by patch cables, Messier manipulates these invisible forces to create a hypnotizing visual and sonic spectacle, becoming a conductor in a sense for electromagnetic energy. His work demonstrates the interdependence between forces and their environment - including us. A veritable mimesis of electromagnetic current, the visual aspect can plunge the audience into a hypnotic state: the omnipresent imperceptible power that surrounds us is stripped of its mystery and finally seems accessible to us.



A visual cityscape meets a musical soundscape. Inspired by a fascination for a multifarious and fragmented kind of urbanity, Link.c is a moving, elliptical representation of our urban areas. We are all interdependent thanks to a kind of proximity that’s both fragile and ambiguous. Our fragmented identity is rooted in the paradox between isolation and connectedness.


PRESHOW by MIRAJ - 6:30pm

Miraj is an audiovisual electro-acoustic project between Harrison Roberts aka DJ Fluo and Sami Blanco aka Temple Volant. Their vision combines ****og and digital footage from their northern environment selecting sounds and visuals from field recordings and instruments to blend shape-shifting colors synchronized to electronic soundscapes entering realms of dub techno and ambient house. The music and visuals are recorded in a live extended process of improvisational techniques using ****og sequencers, synthesizers and drum machines mixed in a DJ hybrid format, and then editing the footage using digital ****og workstations and tape recorders as a form of collage inspired by the surroundings and the moment.

Date and Time:

Saturday, January 12, 2019 07:30 PM - 09:30 PM
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